Monday, December 7, 2009

The Dirty Business of Climate Change

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I really don't like how politicized climate change has become. Whatever your opinion is, you're automatically labeled a right-wing extremist or a lefty tree hugger. If you believe that climate change is a natural, as opposed to a human-made occurrence, you've got this set of scientists to prove it. Those who believe that we humans are to blame for this have another set of scientists to back them up.

Whenever I read climate-related stories posted on the internet by anyone other than traditional news sources, I try to research who's writing it and, even more importantly, who pays them. It's amazing what you find out when you spend just a few extra moments digging around. Now I'm not saying that all scientists are paid to make their claims, but a lot of them are certainly sought out by particular companies or organizations once they make their opinions public.

The rest of us poor sods are left without really knowing anything for sure, and unable to trust what we do hear. It's not a very good idea to confuse the general public, and it's really stupid to fight in front of us because it makes the whole problem seem BORING. Throw your scientific jargon, your charts and geographical terms at us for too long and we simply nod off. When you start to see our stifled yawns, you can bet you've blown it as far as your cause is concerned.

I don't doubt for a second that we could do a lot more to take better care of his place we call home. We really are pigs, we human beings. In fact, pigs are cleaner. Those of us here in the western hemisphere are the worst slobs. We don't think twice about dumping garbage and sludge just about anywhere, especially all of the stuff that we've grown tired of (we have TOO MUCH stuff in the first place!). We pat ourselves on the back for filling the blue box (recycling, for those of you who don't know the term!), and for putting a compost in the back yard. But we appear to prefer our kids to sit inside and play video games, rather than make them go OUTSIDE and play in the dirt. Kids should play in the dirt. How are we going to raise a generation that cares about the earth when all we've taught them is that the playground is full of bad germs and creepy crawlers? Kids are getting TOO germ free.

As you may have guessed, I tend to lean towards humans having some responsibility when it comes to climate change. I come to that conclusion by my own logic and reasoning, however, because for the life of me I could never hope to argue about it scientifically. A very large number of humans on this earth are just like lazy teenagers who won't lift a finger to clean their rooms. That's enough evidence right there, as far as I'm concerned.

I'm not even sure that scientists always know what they are talking about anyway, for one simple reason: they are human beings. It is human nature, when we have a theory, to fight to the finish defending it. We don't like to be proven wrong, even when we are. You don't hear much about scientists jumping from one side to another in this debate either, unless it is in retrospect; "I USED to think this, now I think that...". Yeah, right.

I don't like big, dirty companies who'll do anything to get out of cleaning up after themselves. But neither do I like loud-mouth activists with their holier-than-thou pronunciations, trying to make me feel bad about myself. I already feel bad enough about myself, thank you very much.

Both sides disgust me! And that's the main problem with any discussion about climate change these has become ugly, and neither side is appealing in any way.

Unfortunately, this polarization effect is going to get in the way of anything major being accomplished in Copenhagen. What we really ought to do is put the scientists on both sides in a big hot room to duke it out amongst themselves, and take all the money away from them. We'll see who "wins" that way. And the rest of us should just get back to business in our yards and start cleaning up our own crap.

There. I'm feeling much better.

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